Welcome to the website of Roksana Ksendzovska - Registered Psychologist (Specialist in Eastern European Cultures). In her work, Roksana practices holistic approach embracing Body, Heart and Soul with a definite focus on each individual’s personal experience, as a way to Transformation. Many years of experience in relationship counseling, assistance dealing with a divorce or relationship breakdown, family work, abuse and neglect as well as in death and loss therapy, have taught her to value each day of our life and enjoy the ability to move, talk, walk, and laugh. Today Roksana is most interested in helping people to focus on how they want their life to be different in order to enhance wellbeing, reach happiness, build confidence in both personal and professional areas. She helps her clients hill and teaches them to enjoy every moment of their life, because we never know if tomorrow will follow.

When we experience and live from our wholeness and authenticity, we heal. Roksana encourage you to experience your own wholeness.

Roksana loves what she does and is inspired by what she does! She will provide you with a safe and confidential environment and will assist you to the best of her ability to reveal your inner resource and guide you toward health, change, love, happiness and wellbeing.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday
And today was such a lovely day,
That I wondered why I worried about today yesterday
So today I am not going to worry about tomorrow
There may not be a tomorrow any way
So today I am going to live as if there is no tomorrow
And I am going to forget about yesterday

Today is the tomorrow I planned for yesterday
And nearly all my plans for today I did not pan out
The way I thought they would yesterday
So today I will forget about tomorrow and
I will plan for today
But not too strenuously
Today I will stop to smell a rose
I will tell a loved one how much I love them
I will stop planning for tomorrow and
Plan to make today the best day of my life.

-Author unknown